Some Vacation Lip Finds

I am currently on a weeklong beach vacation so I can try to relax a little bit before school starts next week; and while I haven't been wearing many lip colors to the beach I did recently pop into a Walgreens for some drinks when I came across some lip displays that I couldn't bring myself to leave without. So instead of just leaving with a drink and maybe a snack, I left with three different lip colors too!

1. Burt's Bees Lip Crayons in Napa Vineyard and Niagara Overlook

Now I have been hearing a lot about these new Burt's Bees Lip Crayons but every time I went to a Target to pick one up they were already sold out! However, down here in Florida they happened to have all of the colors and let me tell you it was very hard picking which colors to grab because they all so pretty. I ended up settling on Napa Vineyard and Niagara Overlook because I have been hear Napa Vineyard is the best color and I thought Niagara Overlook would be a great "my lip but better" shade.

These lip crayons are absolutely amazing! They don't feel drying at all and they are truly matte. They have great staying power through both eating and drinking and they apply really evenly and smoothly. I like that I can use these without a lip balm and my lips still look and feel great.

Napa Vineyard is a great red and doesn't move around once applied. I found that it didn't really leave a lot of marks on things like coffee cups. It does take some work to get it off your lips at the end of the day but it is not terribly hard if you are using a washcloth and rub in small circles. What I really like is that when I took it off it didn't really stain the rest of the skin around my mouth (which a lot of red lipsticks seem to do for me).

Niagara Overlook is pretty much the same as far as application and staying power goes. It is definitely my perfect "my lip but better shade" and it is really smooth as well. They were both about $9 each but they were definitely worth it.

2. Wet n Wild Lipstick in Just Peachy

There was a huge display of Wet n Wild Lipstick at Walgreens because they are currently donating a portion of their lipstick sales to the American Cancer Society. These were only $2 a piece and I decided to try and exhibit self control and only pick out one shade, Just Peachy.

This lip color is also truly matte and is really easy to apply. The color payoff is great and while it doesn't last as long as the Burt's Bees crayons do, they do last for quite some time. It is smooth to apply and really easy to make even and the color is really nice.

I do recommend using lip balm under the lip stick because while it is not particularly drying on the lips it is not hydrating either. I also really enjoy the shape of Wet N Wild lipsticks because I find the flat and rounded top a lot easier to apply than typical lipstick shapes which tend to have that point on the top. I will definitely be popping back by Walgreens to pick up some more of these colors.

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