Wet N Wild Megalist Lipstick

So since I have been obsessed with experimenting with new colors but I really don't have the money to try on every lipstick in the world (sadly enough), so I decided to raid Walgreen's Wet N Wild section  awhile ago for some $2 lipsticks that I could play around with.

1. Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks in Bare it All and Purty Persimmon

Now all of the lipsticks I bought are mattes because I have so many different lip butter colors and I wanted something different.

Bare it All is a brown tinted nude that is really nice. The color stays pretty well and it is easy to apply. Now I do recommend using a lip balm under all of the Megalast Colors because after awhile your lips will start to feel a little dry, but it is honestly not too bad.

Purty Persimmon is my favorite Megalast Color that I own because it is perfect for summer. It is a orange lipstick and like the others it applies very well and stays for a decent time. 

Now while I do love the color I do not love the fact that this color seems to stain my lips purple-y/pink. I honestly don't know why it stains that color when the actual color is so far off, but the staining will stay all night.

2. Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Bomb & Wet N Wild Fergie Collection in Pagan Angel

Cherry Bomb is the perfect fall and winter color in my opinion. I found this color to be the smoothest of all of the ones I have and it once again stays for a decent amount of time. However, you have to make sure to blend it well with your finger after you apply it so it doesn't look splotchy or patchy. Just like Purty Persimmon, Cherry Bomb is very staining and will leave your lips a purple tinted pink color basically all night (no matter how much you try to get it off).

Now Pagan Angel is a different story! It is very thick and it is really hard to apply evenly. I had to try over three times to get an even coat and it required a lot of blending with my finger (which is awful with a black lipstick because it is hard to get off your skin). It also smells very strongly of crayons which is very off-putting.

I don't see myself keeping this color around in my regular makeup circulation. Instead, I think this lipstick is going to go where all of my makeup goes to die: the Halloween makeup bin I keep around for face painting and costumes.

More Burt's Bees Lip Crayons

So I posted yesterday about picking up two of the six Burt's Bees Lip Crayons and how absolutely in love with them I was and as it turns out that my boyfriend saw my post and went out and got me the other four colors which means I HAD to swatch them for you guys!

1.  Burt's Bees Lip Crayons in Sedona Sands and Carolina Coast

They both apply just as well as Niagara Overlook and Napa Vineyard. Sedona Sands is a pink with a slight brown tint and Carolina Coast is a very light pink.

Out of these two Sedona Sands is my favorite because it doesn't apply streaky and it is a great muted color. Carolina Coast can be a bit streaky (which I think is because it is so light colored) but it can be fixed by blending it a little with your finger.

2. Burt's Bee Lip Crayons in Hawaiian Smolder and Redwood Forest

Hawaiian Smolder is a perfect pink color that doesn't apply streaky like Carolina Coast and Redwood Forest is a brownish red.

Redwood Forest is actually my favorite out of all of the lip crayons because it has a beautiful tint without being overbearing and it really would go well with almost anything. If I had to rank my favorite colors it would be:
1. Redwood Forest
2. Niagara Overlook
3. Hawaiian Smolder
4. Napa Valley
5. Sedona Sands
6. Carolina Coast

Some Vacation Lip Finds

I am currently on a weeklong beach vacation so I can try to relax a little bit before school starts next week; and while I haven't been wearing many lip colors to the beach I did recently pop into a Walgreens for some drinks when I came across some lip displays that I couldn't bring myself to leave without. So instead of just leaving with a drink and maybe a snack, I left with three different lip colors too!

1. Burt's Bees Lip Crayons in Napa Vineyard and Niagara Overlook

Now I have been hearing a lot about these new Burt's Bees Lip Crayons but every time I went to a Target to pick one up they were already sold out! However, down here in Florida they happened to have all of the colors and let me tell you it was very hard picking which colors to grab because they all so pretty. I ended up settling on Napa Vineyard and Niagara Overlook because I have been hear Napa Vineyard is the best color and I thought Niagara Overlook would be a great "my lip but better" shade.

These lip crayons are absolutely amazing! They don't feel drying at all and they are truly matte. They have great staying power through both eating and drinking and they apply really evenly and smoothly. I like that I can use these without a lip balm and my lips still look and feel great.

Napa Vineyard is a great red and doesn't move around once applied. I found that it didn't really leave a lot of marks on things like coffee cups. It does take some work to get it off your lips at the end of the day but it is not terribly hard if you are using a washcloth and rub in small circles. What I really like is that when I took it off it didn't really stain the rest of the skin around my mouth (which a lot of red lipsticks seem to do for me).

Niagara Overlook is pretty much the same as far as application and staying power goes. It is definitely my perfect "my lip but better shade" and it is really smooth as well. They were both about $9 each but they were definitely worth it.

2. Wet n Wild Lipstick in Just Peachy

There was a huge display of Wet n Wild Lipstick at Walgreens because they are currently donating a portion of their lipstick sales to the American Cancer Society. These were only $2 a piece and I decided to try and exhibit self control and only pick out one shade, Just Peachy.

This lip color is also truly matte and is really easy to apply. The color payoff is great and while it doesn't last as long as the Burt's Bees crayons do, they do last for quite some time. It is smooth to apply and really easy to make even and the color is really nice.

I do recommend using lip balm under the lip stick because while it is not particularly drying on the lips it is not hydrating either. I also really enjoy the shape of Wet N Wild lipsticks because I find the flat and rounded top a lot easier to apply than typical lipstick shapes which tend to have that point on the top. I will definitely be popping back by Walgreens to pick up some more of these colors.

Mixing NYX Cairo with Other Colors

So I've recently posted about how much I hate NYX Matte Lip Cream in Cairo because it's way too light, it's drying, and it makes me look like I have concealer lips. I commented to someone earlier that I would probably never wear Cairo out of the house because I just didn't like it, but later on I had an idea: What if I took my most hated lip color and mixed and matched it with some of my other less used products to try and create something good?

That thought led to this mini-experiment with lip color in which I used Cairo as a base for my lip color to try and create other lighter shades of two different products I had (but didn't really use that much): Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Cocoa and NYX Chunky Dunk in Pomegranate Margarita.

Now I got Cocoa a long time ago as some kind of Burt's Bee Lip Shimmer set, but I never really used it because I didn't like how shimmery it actually was and I thought it was way too brown for me so it just sat around in my makeup drawer.

Mixing this color with Cairo made a very pretty nude with a slight shimmer. Since the Lip Shimmer has a minty taste and feel it covered up the gross smell of the NYX Lip Cream and left my lips feeling nice and smooth. Honestly, I think that these two made a great pair.

I bought this NYX Chunky Dunk not too long ago because I love the color, however, I don't wear it much because no matter how hard I try I think it looks patchy when I applied it.

When I first applied the Chunky Dunk over Cairo it made this really pretty muted pink (which I have a feeling I am going to be wearing a lot). Since the Chunky Dunk is hydrating it took away the dryness brought on by Cairo and having the cream under the Chunky Dunk made it a lot easier to move it where I needed to without making it look patchy and uneven.

While I really liked the color, I thought that it didn't bring out enough of the purple in Pomegranate Margarita, so I applied another coat of the NYX Chunky Dunk over Cairo and it came out with a darker, more purple tinted color which was still very wearable. It still felt hydrating without feeling too wet or glossy.

All in all I think I might have just re-introduced some products into my regular makeup bag so I feel like this was a win. While Cairo isn't great on its own, it does make a great base for lightening up lip colors.

My Current Favorite and Least Favorite Lip Colors

So recently I have been obsessed with different lip colors and products and have been buying a lot more of them lately to try and find the perfect colors for every occasion. However, my summer has been kind of hectic which means when I put on my make up I am literally throwing it on and running out of the door, which means that I have been neglecting to wear a lot of lip color besides the occasional tinted lip balm I find in my bag.

I though that the fact that summer classes are coming to an end was the perfect reason to swatch some of my recently bought (and sadly neglected) lip colors.

These are the NYX Lipsticks in Doll and Margarita. I love Doll, it is definitely one of my favorites. The color is perfect for me and the formula is so smooth and it only takes one coat to get full coverage. The color stays for a decent amount of time and it doesn't feel drying at all.

However, I hate Margarita. The color is actually frosted and it goes on really chunky. It makes my lips look and feel really dry. I also think it makes my lips look like they are flaking, which is awful. I will probably never wear this color, which is a shame because the in store swatch I did with the tester looked like it was going to be a nice coral-ish color.

This is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cairo. I honestly do not know how I feel about this product at all.

I think the lip cream smells sickly sweet (like synthetic vanilla) which is very off putting. I also think that this color applies very streaky no matter what I do and in the end it just looks like I have rubbed a concealer stick on my lips which I think it makes my lips look like I am dead. In addition to that it settles into all of the creases in my lips and very drying.

However, this stuff is truly matte and it really does have some staying power; but I find that the only way to wear this color is to apply a coat of clear gloss to the top to reduce the streaky and drying appearance. The clear gloss makes it look like a prettier, wearable nude instead of concealer lips.

This is Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Fig Jam. This is nothing new, but it is definitely one of my favorite lip butters and one of my favorite colors (it definitely beats the NYX Lip Butters). It looks really dark in the tube, but it applies to what I like to think of as a candy apple color (not to be confused with the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple). I think it is a great fall color without being too dark.

However, while I do love this shade I sometimes become weary of how wet it looks and the staying power isn't that great (but the way it glides on the lips does make it nice to reapply it).

In the future, I would love to add some more lip crayons to my lip collection, but right now I am making due with what I have.

Friday Favorites 8.1.14

It's the first day of August which means that it is only 18 more days until the first day of the fall semester and 16 days until I move into my new apartment! I have to say I am ready for fall classes to start so I can get some more structure in my life...

Speaking of structure my number one favorite thing this week is:

1. My Lily Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda in Trippin' and Slippin'
I am not a huge fan of Lily Pulitzer clothing because it is all a little too bright and busy for me. However, I cannot deny that Lily Pulitzer makes some amazing planners.

I am an Education major and I hold a position in my sorority which means I have to keep up with all kinds of different dates and deadlines. The jumbo planner is big enough that I have enough room to write everything out, however, it is not too big that it is a hinderance to take it with me.

I love the fact that is has a hardcover and comes with little save the date stickers for a variety of occasions, and while I don't see myself decking out in head to toe Lily anytime soon, I can see myself carrying around these planners for awhile!

If I could make Co-Optitude my favorite every single week I definitely would because I am absolutely obsessed with it. In this YouTube show on Geek and Sundry, Felicia Day and her brother Ryon Day play various video games with varying degrees of success.

It comes out every single Monday and it is absolutely hilarious, so I highly recommend you check it out. Their sibling banter reminds me of long nights with my little sisters yelling at each other and the tv while playing Donkey Kong Country on the SNES.

Now I have been out of the anime game for quite some time lately. With all of my schoolwork, sorority things, and general life I haven't really been able to keep up a regular anime schedule like I used to be able to when I was in high school. Lately, I have found myself wanting to get back into anime and I have been loving the Crunchyroll free trial.

Crunchyroll is basically Netflix for anime, which is great since Netflix lost a good portion of its anime awhile back (bring back Mushishi ;_;). It's a little under $7 per month for a HUGE selection of anime, which is nice because I get to watch it on my tv (with the PS3 app) and I get to go at my own pace instead of having to search a million years for links to slow streaming spam filled sites on the internet.

Shows I am Currently Watching: Attack On Titan