Friday Roundup 5.18.17

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  • I have been lusting after the Madewell Transport Tote for years after seeing it on Fran's blog. However, recently I have found myself carrying my black Kate Spade Bradley Backpack to work more often than a tote. This has caused the Madewell Small Transport Tote to catch my eye more. I do not like to carry large purses around with me during daily outings so this seems like a perfect meet in the middle bag for me.
  • I am currently waiting on my at home try-on pair of the Warby Parker Watts glasses. I have been looking for the perfect pair of round glasses to add to my collection and I am hoping that these are it!
hallthatjas updates //
  • I have into a new condo in the city!
  • I don't work in higher education anymore. I actually got a new job in the city that still utilizes a lot of the same principles, but towards a customer success perspective instead of student success. I am absolutely loving every moment of it.

So Long 2017!

So long 2017! Cheers to a bigger and brighter 2018! 

Friday Roundup 9.15.17

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  • I haven’t been doing a lot of online browsing in the last few weeks, but on a trip to Target, I noticed they have started carrying the A New Day clothing line in its stores. I have browsed around both in store and online and I am really enjoying the simplicity of the pieces and their ability to be worn at work. I have bought the Utility Popover Shirt it is very comfortable.
  • It's September, which means I have Halloween and fall already on the brain. This Candy Corn Sweater from Modcloth is absolutely adorable. I could see this as a tasteful work wear piece for those who can’t dress up in their office for Halloween.

hallthatjas updates //
  • Things have been a little busier than usual around here, hence the two week hiatus, however things are starting to normalize again.