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Friday, November 13

Favorite Lipsticks

Friday, November 13
Ever since I started graduate school, I have been really into wearing lipstick. I've always owned various lipsticks that I thought were beautiful, but I have never really consistently worn lip color. I always thought that all lipsticks were just too bold for me and I would never be able to pull them off as a daily wear makeup item. I didn't even realize how wrong I was.

One day in August that just kind of changed, and suddenly I felt like I just needed to go out and experiment with some bold lip colors and wear them to work. Too Faced Melted Berry was my first "bold" lipstick that I felt comfortable wearing everywhere. Now my lipstick collection has grown and I never truly feel like my makeup is done without some sort of lip color or product.

So as I have had the time to experiment (and have recently replaced my Nikon J1 with a Canon T3i), here are some swatches of my favorite lipcolors.

This is an amazing nude color that I picked up randomly as CVS was having a 40% off Milani products sale. I originally intended to buy Black Cherry, but they were were sold out so I picked up Matte Beauty instead. I love the formula, it is very creamy and easy to apply and it doesn't feel drying at all. It is a true matte, which is great because we all know the pain of a lipstick that says its a matte, but doesn't apply like a matte. 

Hands down this is my FAVORITE berry lipstick ever. The formula is absolutely amazing and feels hydrating and creamy when you apply it to the lips. The staying power is amazing for a drugstore lipstick and the color really looks great on anyone. I have yet to see someone who couldn't pull off 107. It doesn't really look matte when it is first applied, but you can use a piece of tissue to blot it out so it appears more matte.

This is one of my every day colors for when I am not feeling like a bold lip is really necessary, but a little hint of pink is. This pencil is a twist up (which is great, because I always loose my pencil sharpener) and is really moisturizing. It doesn't have the greatest wear time, and reapplication throughout the day is necessary. However, since it is such a muted color it really doesn't look awful when it does start to fade so you don't always have to run to your compact mirror to check.

I just love this color. It was my first berry lipstick and it has definitely held its place as a favorite. The melted lipsticks are really easy to apply and get even coverage. However, this product is not without some downfalls. While it isn't tacky to wear, it doesn't seem to ever fully dry which means it transfers onto EVERYTHING. Also, if you don't use it for a little bit you have to get a pin and "unclog" the holes which allow the lipstick to come out, which is mildly inconvenient. However, despite the downfalls it is still a great product.

 Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu - $26
I have a love/hate relationship with this pencil. On one hand, I LOVE the color and think it is so gorgeous. On the other hand, it is very difficult to apply evenly. In addition to the difficult application, it doesn't have the greatest wear time and definitely will leave your lips after daily things such as eating or drinking and since it is so dark it is really noticeable when it moves around. 

However, despite all of its downfalls I still list it as a favorite because you can really mix this with other colors to improve it. I like to wear Train Bleu with NYX Butter in Licorice or NYX's Transylvania to improve the wear time. It is also great to blend into berry lipsticks to add a little more dimension. So while this isn't a great product on its own, I find myself constantly reaching for it to us with something else.

 This is one of my favorite reds to wear. The wear time is decent (you do still have to touch up after eating and/or drinking) and the color is just amazing. However, while I love the color, application is a little bit more difficult than I would like. I find that Cinnamon Spice (just like most of the MegaLast Lip Colors) feels very waxy while you are applying it and is a little drying to wear throughout the day. This is a huge downfall if you are not used to wearing lipsticks, because you can definitely feel this one on your lips at all times. Sometimes I apply this over my Rosebud Salve to make application a little easier and give my lips the moisture they need.

While I am never really done searching for the "perfect" lipstick, these all hold special places in my heart.

Monday, August 17


Monday, August 17
I am finally moved and I am currently working on getting through my new job training, so things have been hectic over here. However, I am working on getting things back up and running by the end of the week so there is a lot to look forward to.

I am going to describe life as a new grad student fresh out of undergrad, as well as my experiences working in students affairs in my graduate position. I am also going to begin posting outfits, as my new job comes with a whole new dress code.

So in the meantime enjoy these snippets from summer!
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