Friday Roundup 9.15.17

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  • I haven’t been doing a lot of online browsing in the last few weeks, but on a trip to Target, I noticed they have started carrying the A New Day clothing line in its stores. I have browsed around both in store and online and I am really enjoying the simplicity of the pieces and their ability to be worn at work. I have bought the Utility Popover Shirt it is very comfortable.
  • It's September, which means I have Halloween and fall already on the brain. This Candy Corn Sweater from Modcloth is absolutely adorable. I could see this as a tasteful work wear piece for those who can’t dress up in their office for Halloween.

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  • Things have been a little busier than usual around here, hence the two week hiatus, however things are starting to normalize again.


What's in My Bag?

I have been obsessed with the Madewell Transport Tote for quite some time, but as a new professional who just moved I cannot currently justify the high price tag that comes along with it. So I went searching around the internet and found this reversible bag in black and cognac (now sold out of that color combination) that would serve as a great tote for traveling. It feels sturdy, but light, and I don't feel like I have to worry about the straps fraying and breaking if I over stuff my bag.

Along with my phone, wallet, and headphones I have a lot of little pouches I carry. I prefer to keep all the things in my purse in little pouches to make it easy to find things as easy to switch the bag from black to brown. I also have a chronic case of "just-in-case," so I end up carrying a lot more than I actually need. Here is a quick glimpse into what I carry in my pouches on the daily:

Pouch One: Toiletries

You never know when you are going to want a quick refresh, so I carry a small vinyl pencil pouch filled with a few essentials to get me through those days where I feel particularly hot, humid, and gross. The vinyl helps ensure there are no spills in my purse and it being clear helps me see what I need a little better.

Pouch Two: Makeup

While I always do my makeup at home, having a little bag makes touching up a breeze. My on-the-go makeup bag has makeup products I don't care for enough to use on a daily basis, makeup I am close to finishing but already bought a replacement for, and makeup I bought that isn't necessarily the right shade-but could work if I needed to. I don't like to waste makeup (either by not using or returning), but sometimes products just aren't great enough for everyday use so they get rotated to the travel bag.

This is great to have if you end up unexpectedly staying at a friends house or if you try to pick up Panera for a work event and end up stuck in a torrential downpour which washes off all your makeup and makes you feel like a drowned, harassed rat (speaking from personal experience).

Pouch Three: Miscellaneous 

The bag I bought actually came with two smaller pouches (one black and one brown). In one pouch I keep random items I couldn't find a space for, like Pamprin, chapstick, Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs Rollerball, more Altoids, and my phone charger. In the other pouch (not pictured), I keep receipts for my expense reports, business cards, and spare change. I really like that these totes have a strap that can be attached to the straps of the bag to make them easier to find.

Depending on where I am going, I will also throw my Macbook or my iPad in my bag and a quick snack like a granola bar or a bag of Goldfish crackers. I am hoping that this bag will serve as a great carry-on tote on my trip to Cleaveland next week. What are some of your favorite things to keep in your bag?