NYX Lip Butter Swatch

So I mentioned in my Friday Favorites that I love NYX Lip Butters, however I forgot to include one of my favorite shades (which I have yet to find time to wear in the summer) which is Licorice. It's a nice deep purple color. My one problem with Licorice though is that as the day goes on it smudges and fades a lot faster than the other colors and because the color is so dark and my natural lip color is so light it is a lot more noticeable. However, I make sure to apply lip primer before every application and just reapply the color every couple of hours.

I also decided to re-swatch Fireball because I feel like the picture came out blurry and the color did not look right in the first photo I posted and I want to better represent the colors. It is a lot more vibrant the the first photo made it out to be.

My next adventure in lip products is to find my holy grail red lip color and to find a nice matte deep purple (a little deeper than Licorice) that lasts.

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