Senior Year

My graduation cap! It only took two hours to glue everything in place and cut out the glitter states.

In a little over a month it will be time for me to graduate from undergraduate with my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education! This semester has been a long semester of student teaching, working on my teaching portfolio, having multiple positions in my sorority and sorority council, finishing my graduation cap, and trying to squeeze in as much time planning for my future as I can.

Recently, I found out that I have been accepted to graduate school and beginning in August I will begin working towards my Masters of Education in Higher Education - Student Affairs. I also found out that I was accepted into my dream assistantship and I am very excited to begin my the newest chapter of my life in an entirely new place.

This last month of college is going to be crazy, but then I am finally going to get some time to relax and visit family and vacation and basically do what I want before graduate school captures me and I am so ready for it to begin. However, part of me is also sad to let undergraduate go and I have been spending a lot of time reminiscing about my time in undergrad; my RA experiences, my friends, my sorority sisters, and all of the wonderful and influential people I have had the honor of working with or beside these past four years.

But even though I am anxious about what is to come in the next two years all I can think is...bring it on!

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