Friday Roundup 8.11.17

It's been a week of poorly lit mirror SnapChat outfit selfies.
higher ed happenings //
  • I really enjoyed reading this article about the support Ace Hillard, member of Sigma Lambda Gamma, received from his sorority sisters throughout his transition.
  • Are institutions finally taking charge and cracking down on prestigious professors involved in sexual misconduct/sexual harassment? Most notably, University of Washington professor Michael Katze was fired following an investigation which showed that Katze was paying a lab administrator a higher salary in return for sexual favors, as well as sexual harassing two lab assistants.
  • Did you know there are many different scholarships available for undocumented students in pursuit of higher education? Check out this list for deadlines and information about these opportunities.

wishlist //
  • I have spent the last two weeks scoping out the Lo & Sons OMG Bag. I am going to be doing a lot of traveling for work in the next few months and I feel like this would be a great bag to own, but I just can’t justify spending SO MUCH money on a bag at this point in my life.
  • I finally ordered a new set of contact lenses which means that I will finally be able to start wearing sunglasses again (I don’t own any prescription sunglasses). I stumbled across these purple aviators on Amazon one night and I just think they are so cute.
  • I ended up finding this skirt  that I talked about in my last wishlist post for $9 off Poshmark and I really like it! It is a nice alternative from pencil skirts because I did not have the problem of it twisting around all day. The elastic helped it stay fitted to my waist while not being too tight on my thighs and butt.

hallthatjas updates //
  • I’ve got so many flights booked at the moment it is absolutely insane! I will heading to Cleveland, OH at the end of this month and then to Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL at the end of next month! It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks traveling around.
  • Tomorrow I am heading out with a few of the lovely ladies I work with to explore some more parts of Georgia. I hoping for nice weather, because it has been really rainy and dreary these last few days.
  • A friend tagged me in this article and I thought it was a really realistic view at some of the struggles moving somewhere on your own.

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