Friday Roundup 8.4.17

higher ed happenings //
  • After terminating their relationship with campus fraternities following policy disagreements between students and administration, UC Boulder is bringing back fraternities to its campus. The disagreements stemmed from administration's proposal of policy changes that would put fraternities under increased watch following the death of Lynn Gordie Bailey, Jr. in an alcohol hazing activity. This is creating an interesting dynamic because essentially there will be two Greek systems on UC Boulders campus--the two new campus-affiliated fraternities and then the fraternities who cut their ties with the university in 2005 but continued to operate around campus. It'll be interesting to see if these chapters choose to reaffiliate with the campus fraternal community.
  • Trump donates his second quarter salary to the Department of Education which some are praising as an act of good will. However, Trump's donation is $100,000 while calling for cuts of $9.2 billion to the Department of Education's budget.
  • I love this piece about The Placement Exchange, also known as TPE. TPE is a huge conference where a lot of second year higher education graduate students have dozens of interviews all in the span of three days in the hopes of finding a position in the field. However, TPE is only held in one location each year and typically they are relatively expensive to attend. I have attended as an employer before, but I chose to forgo it when I was job searching this year because of how extremely cost prohibitive the conference and travel was for my graduate assistant salary--a decision which puts many graduate students at a disadvantage each and every year.

wishlist //
  • My jewelry collection is seriously lacking in necklaces. I've been seeing Audrey from Putting Me Together rocking a large gold locket and I have been in love with how much it made her outfits look more cohesive. I am not a big fan of gold jewelry, but this silver locket from Etsy seems to be a perfect fit!
  • I'm seeing more and more of these types of skirts pop up around Georgia and I love the way they look. I am not the biggest fan of the way that pencil skirts fit on me because I always feel like if I get them to fit right in the hips, they don't fit right on my waist which means they twist and turn all day. The elastic waistband on these skirts seems like it'll fix that problem!
  • I'm not a fan of carrying a large purse around when I am going anywhere that is not the office, but I also love to carry around a bunch of things that I don't need while I am out and about. I am considering making the switch to a mini-backpack which seems to be becoming more and more popular. Target, Topshop, and Nordstrom Rack have some cute options to consider.

hallthatjas updates //
  • It's been a busy week at the office as school's begin to start their Fall semesters. Right now, I am preparing materials for National Hazing Prevention Week September 18-22nd, and I could not be more excited to contribute to this important week and hopefully encourage some great discussions with collegians.  
  • I'm starting to plan my Fall conference schedule and I am so excited to get the opportunity to meet new people within the field and receive some professional development!
  • I'm walking in my local Walk to End Alzheimer's in September. If you would like to make a contribution to the Alzheimer's Association, you can do so here!

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