My Obsession with Coupons (Part 3)

 I have given tips and tricks on how to obtain and organize coupons, but I thought wrap this how-to up with some tips and tricks to remember while shopping with your coupons.

Just because you have a coupon for it, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.
This is actually one of the most common problems I have seen with people using coupons. A lot of people think just because they have a coupon for it, they have to buy it. However, if you keep this mindset you might end up spending more money on things you don’t actually need.

Try to only clip coupons for the things you use frequently in the house, or on the things that you enjoy and might want to treat yourself to. Make a concise list before going to the store keeping in mind the coupons you already have and plan to use.

Make sure to read the coupon fine print and expiration dates.
When I was a grocery store employee this was one of most annoying things to encounter. People would have coupons for items and have the item in their cart, but failed to read the fine print stating they need to buy two of the item to use the coupon, or certain products are excluded to use the coupon and they need to run back to switch out the item therefore holding the line up.

Prevent this from happening by always reading the fine print of the coupon to make sure your items are eligible for your product. You should also make note of when your coupon expires for the same reason! That is another reason why my list is so helpful, I know when each coupon expires and the condition to receive the discount without having to go through my entire list!

Look out for store specials (Double Coupons, etc.)
Stores like Harris Teeter and Lowes Food occasionally have specials such as double coupons where all coupons up to $1.98 double (meaning a 1.50 coupon would actually save you $3.00) Specials like these really make your couponing efforts worth it. I have frequently gotten items for free with specials like this (having a coupon for $0.75 off one small bag of m&ms double meaning my m&ms are free!)

Keep an eye out for deals like these by looking up your local grocery stores to see if they have specials like this or keeping an eye on the paper!

Coupons aren’t just for groceries
You can find coupons for just about any product or service out on the market. Make sure to check store websites and e-mail newsletters for coupons for your favorite products. Stores like Victoria’s Secret and the JC Penney make-up counter post coupons quite frequently for free trial products or little freebies such as lip gloss or underwear.

Restaurants also have coupons available to make your night out a little easier on your wallet! Check websites for deals such as free appetizers or free desserts!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will maximize your savings with each trip to the grocery store and leave your wallet feeling a little heavier than it used to.

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