Reasons Why

It's been quite some time since my last post, and while I hate to make excuses here are a couple of reasons why I have had such a quiet blog lately:

1. I was on vacation in for a week in August. I did not really have a lot of relevant things to blog about so I took the week to enjoy just laying around.

2. School started at the end of the month. Since I am now a senior things are getting pretty intense for me so I have been trying to keep up in these first few weeks so I don't fall behind on anything and mess up my semester. It is vital that everything goes perfect this semester so I can start student teaching in the fall and graduate on time in May!

3. I moved! I finally moved off of my college campus and into my very first big girl apartment. It has been a huge adjustment since I have spent so long being a Resident Advisor, but it has been exciting nonetheless. I finally have all of my furniture and I even managed to put some stuff on the walls.

4. Sorority recruitment took over my life. Guys, this is no joke, recruitment takes a lot out of you. It is a lot of long nights and practicing songs and preparing beautifully elaborate rooms and spending time with your sisters while also trying to find new women to add to your wonderful sisterhood. I am very happy to say that after all of our hard work Sigma Kappa took in a wonderful pledge class of amazing women tonight.

However, while it might take another week of getting everything settled, I should be back to blogging regularly within the month and I am looking forward to the next items to swatch. I am eyeing some of the newest holiday sets that are beginning to preview so look forward to that!

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