Decorating the New Place

Making the big move from on-campus living to having my own place has been a big adjustment. I moved to Georgia with my only pieces of furniture being a cube shelf and a queen mattress I stole from my dad's guest bedroom. Luckily, almost two full months of being in my new place I have managed to get some essential furniture pieces (like a bed frame, a couch, and some end tables) and switch my focus to decorating. Luckily, with the back to college season upon us, it is the perfect time to get little pieces for the home. Below are some finds that I have my eyes on!

Living Room //
1. Kenya Fleece Accent Rug - $84.99 from Target
Area rugs are pricey, but I love the simplicity of the rug. My living room theme at the moment is cream and gray with gold accents, so this is a perfect fit.

2. Bulletin Board with Chalkboard and Hooks - SALE $23.74 from Target
This is more of an entryway item than a living room item, but I love the ability to write a reminder to myself and have it be the last thing I see before I grab my keys and head to work.

I actually bought similar pillows for my couch from Home Goods earlier in the month. I love the contrast of textures it brings alongside other throw pillows and how nice and soft they feel.

Bedroom //
1. Diamond Weave Throw - SALE $29.97 from Nordstrom Rack
Do I need another throw blanket? No. However, I love the diamond weave design and think it would be great to put on the corner or edge of a bed with an all white comforter.

2. Cactus Tapestry - SALE $13.49 from Target
I don't know how my bedroom became full on cactus/succulent themed, but when I saw this tapestry while picking up some coffee creamer at Target, I knew I had to have it in my room. I'm not particularly handy, so having a tapestry on the wall means a lot less empty wall space with no nails, hammers, or hooks required!

3. 15ft Firefly Photo Clip Lights - SALE $9.97 from Nordstrom Rack
My apartment has a weird feature because the bedroom has this odd desk that is built into the wall. While it is one less piece of furniture for me to buy, I've been looking for ways to make it a nice, decorated workspace without compromising the aesthetic of the rest of my bedroom. These light clips are a perfect way to decorate the area around the desk while also keeping in line with the rest of my bedroom. 

Kitchen //
1. Tervis Straw Lid - $3.99 from Tervis
This one isn't really decoration, but it is definitely on my wishlist. I've been trying to drink more water at work each day and I have found that I am way more likely to drink from a drink sitting in front of me with a straw in it than I am to drink from a water bottle. This has prompted me to consider getting a new 20oz Tervis cup with a straw lid and a set of straws in an attempt to be a bit more green with my straw usage. I have a trust Tervis mug that I use every day at work for my coffee, so I think adding one for my water is a welcomed addition. Plus you can customize them any way that you like!

2. VECELO Eames Style Dining Chairs - $69.99 from Amazon
I fell in love with this style of chairs after sitting in them at a cute little restaurant in Virginia the day before I moved to Georgia. I looked around everywhere and was finding them in the range of $70-$100 per chair. Thankfully, after browsing Amazon for awhile, I found these chairs (which come in a set of two) and ordered them immediately and I love them. They are comfortable and sturdy and add just a little bit of flair to my dining area, however, the instructions to build them aren't the best so make sure to read them carefully a few times before beginning to build them.

3. Raised Marker Wall Clock - SALE $18.99 from Target
I love having a wall clock in the kitchen because it means I don't have to do all the work of programming the oven timer when I am trying to do something quick. This one is cute and such a bargain.

What are your favorite home items that you are eyeing this summer?

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