Friday Roundup 7.28.17

higher education happenings //

wishlist //
  • Summers are hot here in Georgia, so I've been relying on dresses to make dressing for work bearable. This Blooming Black Midi Dress from Jessakae seems like a great option for when it's too hot for pants.
  • When I was in grad school I got a meal plan as part of my graduate assistantship compensation package, so I rarely ever ate at home. Now that I have to pack my lunch every day, I'm looking at ways to make it easier to prep. This Cuckoo Rice Cooker seems like a great way to take out some of the hassle.
  • This Topshop Scallop Frill Tee is everything I've wanted from a shirt and more.

hallthatjas updates //
  • I've been in Georgia for almost two whole months now!
  • It's been great getting everything all set up here at hallthatjas
  • My Friday Favorites posts are inspired largely by Fran of Franish's weekly "top three" posts!

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